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One month…

Dear Denmark…

We’re only thirty one days apart, thirty one days away from meeting once more. To say that I am febrile would be an understatement. I so dearly missed you since I left your ground last February…

You might think I am cheating on you this time, since I’ll be visiting Sweden too… But you know my heart is yours and yours only. I hope you’ll understand that I can be friends with some other countries, but sharing a few drinks, and driving around town doesn’t mean anything, if you ask me.

I’ll keep my most pleasant side for you, if you do so too. I’m not too worried about that. You’ve always been good to me, and I feel safe close to your heart.

Thirty one days…

Thirty one days before I walk the streets of beautiful København again…

One thought on “One month…

  1. ya know…….one of these days you are really going to HAVE to take along a fellow traveler..someone that has spent some time overseas and managed never to get caught………ummmmmmm, get in trouble at the borders. I suggest (ahem) myself as that vaunted companion. I don’t eat much, but watch for the red wine intake.


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