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Thank you life, for stupid! (2)

It is quite a job to entertain people.

I don’t consider myself an entertainer. When people enjoy my posts I just go “Yay” in my living room (ok, most of the time in my office – with booh-boss rolling his eyes), and when my stats crash for a day or two, I (try to) just look at it as something normal; people got to their senses, and realized they were reading shenanigans… (Yeah, but I am soooo adorable, right!)


Life made sure people would keep being entertained even if all the good actors and comedians died suddenly! It invented stupid. Stupid is endlessly entertaining, and you might remember my first post about it (Thank you life, for stupid – the original post). It talked about people not able to use a toaster properly, and pictures… and that story still makes me giggle (and scares me a bit).

TV is also a good source of stupid. An excellent source of stupid. Here are a few examples, (I’ll translate, don’t get scared by the big bad French on your screen) I’ll let you judge…



This program suits an audience of all ages, it is not recommended for young kids. 

Is it, or isn’t it fit for children???  Make up your mind, please!



Difficult frenchifying

Difficult, indeed! Frenchifying, being the act of helping immigrants learn French to intergrate Quebec’s community fully… It just cracked me up to see that RDI (we have 2 24/7 news channel in Québec, RDI – serious channel, and LCN – kind of a Fox News version) made a mistake in the very word. Yeah… It is spelled  francisation,  not  françisation….



This one is my all time favorite, and I hope it was done on purpose by someone thinking it was just funny, or maybe someone who got fired and thought “hey! I’m not going to work too much before leaving for good!”

1-Usually, the blue bar at the bottom of the screen should display the movie’s title and not just Cinéma (Movie).

2-At the top, you should have the description of the movie. Usually, the names of the main actors are also displayed. Here we simply (to say the least) get On présente un film (We’re presenting a movie).


Thank you life…


9 thoughts on “Thank you life, for stupid! (2)

      1. It’s been a long and painful day I just wanted to double check.
        Some people have gaps in general knowledge.
        For example I have a very dear friend, from Canada, who is one of the smartest people I have ever met and I care for her deeply but was shocked by the knowledge that she had never heard of King Arthur, Merlin or the Knights of the round table.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. So true… we can’t know everything. What might seem obvious to me could completely elude you… There’s no bad in that.

        But just so we’re clear here, I know Albert is dead, and I know about Arthur, Merlin and the knights of the round table 🙂 (my fav version is Monty Python’s by faaaaar!)

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