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If you came to Montréal…

Yesterday, my parents were in town. Little bro had some furniture moving to do, things to move in, things to move out, and things to move around. We all gathered to his place to help out, but that’s not the point of my post….

When we were done with the work to do, we were off for a late lunch/early dinner in one of Montréal’s classic Delis, Capri Restaurant.



I got my cell phone out, because, hey! Visiting Montréal isn’t all about seeing museums and famous churches… It is also about those mythical spots that make the city what it is…

I’d like to give you historical facts about Capri Restaurant, but The Internets don’t have much to offer, so I don’t even know when it originally opened, or stuff like that.

You’ll have to rely on the few pictures I took inside…


Capri Restaurant is always open, which is one of the reasons it is popular in town. Popular might seem like a big word, when you look at my picture, but we visited the Dinner at the most quiet time of day.

Stuck in some past era, the unmatching light fixtures and the old pictures and painting on the walls give the place a kitsch feeling. The staff has obviously been there forever, and welcome you as if they were home, and you can’t help but feel history as you sit on the worn out benches…

The special touch of the restaurant, as you might have noticed, is the mini jukebox installed at each table.


You could think that this is just decoration, but no. At the cost of 25 cents a piece, or 50 cents for 3 songs, you can listen to a few tunes while eating your smoked meat, or your pizza. Beware though, even if a wide choice of songs is offered, the music playing is a bit random, and we had a 50/50 accurateness, sometimes getting the right artist, just not the asked-for song, other times getting a totally uncalled for piece.

I couldn’t help but think about the good old days of the Capri, when the concept was very popular, and different music was playing at every table… How noisy that must have been…

The menu is also worth mention, if you ask me.



I tried to understand the “Greekesk” picture… Especially since the food offered just below it is “Chinese”. I flipped the pages, and though the choice was wide, from “Chinese food” to hot dogs, smoked meat, fish and chips, salads… Greece was nowhere to be found. I guess some things just don’t need an explaination.

The Capri is what it is… With its comforting food, and it’s coming-from-the-past decor.

Yet another place to visit when you come to La Belle Province!

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