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Let’s talk… From Linda, The Cabbage Master!

Usually, I don’t have any trouble talking. In fact, I can be a real chatterbox. The life of the party. The girl you wanna hang out with it. The wife, I’m sure, my husband wishes would. just. stop. talking. The mother who, well, you know, talks a lot, just ask my boys. All that changes…… Continue reading Let’s talk… From Linda, The Cabbage Master!

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Shaving my pussy… Update

  Recognize the joyful gaze (to say the least)?  Yes, miss Freja is still enjoying her ratlike figure.  Ok, she’s not really happy about it, especially when we play hide & seek. I am not sure, but I think it just insults her when I giggle at her trying to look impressive. (you know that…… Continue reading Shaving my pussy… Update