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Living with a giant… (My life in the mountains)



No one had seen it coming… Not even us, I must say.

It sure wasn’t meant to be, but I don’t see how things could have been any different in the end… My family lived by the river, his people far into the mountains. Me and my sisters were growing up in a world ruled by magic, and his life was all about sheer strenght.

Oh, and there was the mild difference in sizes too.

Maybe that is exactly what brought us together. The abolute certainty that we’d never be more than friends… He could tell me everything about his giant secrets, and I knew my fairy stories were safe with him.

Soon, we realized how bland life would be without each other. I don’t remember who made the first step to make things official… We were so in synch that it seems one day we were friends, and the next, we were everything that mattered to the other.

For obvious practical reasons, I had to move to the faraway mountains with him… Everything I owned fit in one of his pockets, but he had been extremely delicate with my belongings.

I had my own little corner in his vast cave. And while he was gone mining mysterious metals and gems, to trade with the gnomes and the elves, I stayed home and kept busy, wishing for his early return…

Every night, we spent hours just outside the cave, to share our thoughts of the day soon gone. He would lay and I’d take place just beside his ear, cuddling against his lobe. I’d sing ancient fairy tales songs until his breathing got deeper, meaning that he was dozing off.

And he would blow the sun passed the horizon, holding me in his loving hand. Every now and then, I’d wrap my arms around his little finger, hugging it tightly… It made him laugh every time, and I loved how his laughter filled our haven, echoing on the walls as he took us to our room…

We had long discussed the sleeping matter. Having separate rooms was not an option for me, but he had been extremely concerned about rolling over me during his sleep. And one day I had the perfect idea for our restraints.

Ever since, in the darkness, I undress, and fly to his mouth. I love myself on his lower lip resting my head on his soft warm skin, enjoying his regular, hot breathing on my back. And I slip into the arms of Morpheus, rocked by his steady exhalations….

Until next day…


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