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Tips about liking elsewhere…

For personal reasons, I might not write as steadily the upcoming days, so I thought I’d re-post old ones that still make me smile… There is very little chance you’ve read this one, since only a handful of readers came to the Cove, back then…

I hope you’ll enjoy it…. A little geographic humor never hurts, right?

Cyranny's Cove

Getting interested in another country is a lot of fun. Even if you don’t have the budget to fly over, or train by (I know, it doesn’t exist), you still can travel in your head.

Some people shouldn’t try it though, because with liking a foreign country (even worst if you get to the big L word) come responsibilities…

Example… Let’s take…. Me! We all know where I love. (I know it doesn’t exist…. Stop correcting me!! I find that cute, loving somewhere…)

Well because I love Denmark, I am now caring for all its citizens (even the bad people, because I don’t know everybody, and I can’t point out who I don’t like yet). And when something happens to Denmark, or Danes, I feel concerned. Not devastated but it twitches my heart a little. Like this afternoon when I heard about the terrorist attack in Egypt… The news reported…

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