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Losing a player… (Jenmotivates12)



I read this morning that one of WordPress’ bloggers passed away last week. (You can read the original post announcing her death Here)  I didn’t know Jennifer, but it made me realize how horrible it would be to learn that one of you, or one of the bloggers I follow died suddenly.

It is the second time I see a post reporting a WP blogger’s passing since I started blogging in November 2015. And I know that sick or not, any  of us might be living our last day.

The bloggosphere is a virtual platform, but the links we create aren’t. And not spending time over (real) coffee together doesn’t mean I don’t care about what is happening in your life.

I wondered what would happen if I died. My family is not envolved in the Cove, and the friends I have, that follow my blogging more or less closely don’t have access to my WP account. I am guessing the Cove would just die with me, without a warning.

I am sending my condolences to Jennifer’s family and friends… Losing a loved one is always a terrible thing. I feel sorry for those who shared her “real” life, and the readers she touched through her writing.

A sad reminder to enjoy life while it lasts…





17 thoughts on “Losing a player… (Jenmotivates12)

  1. Wow, I’m feeling this. Sometimes I see many of my followers disappear and I often wonder where they are. It is so unfortunate to know that we get to connect with so many wonderful people and if one should pass away we sometimes don’t know about it. Sad.

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    1. Very sad. Although I didn’t know Jennifer’s blog before today, I feel like she is part of this big WP family, and as such, I can’t help but be sad for her loved ones’ loss….

      I hope they will realize our little community is in grief…


    1. Awww, thank you… That is so sweet of you!

      It amazes me how some of us get to connect regardless of the miles between us. Losing one of us can only set a sad vibe around…

      Thank you for being part of the Cove, it is deeply appreciated! xx

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  2. I did not know Jennifer but it’s a very sad thing. I had thought of what would happen if I suddenly passed away or even were hospitalized without warning. My former daughter-in-law has the passwords to my sites so she could let people know.

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    1. I think it is a very wise thing to do, Elizabeth, although I hope your daughter in law doesn’t have to use that info for a looooong time!

      I have someone I trust enough to do the same… Just in case. We never know 😦

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  3. “A sad reminder to enjoy life while it lasts…”

    It’s called Memento Mori in Latin friend, we must face Death someday. Enjoy your life the best you can, because the Rapture is coming. God bless you, Peace. 🙂


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