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What if…



In Canada, the Lotto Max lottery’s jackpot was at 60 million dollars yesterday night.

Was, being the first interesting word of the day. Because there is a winner out there. Now, Canada is a big country, and usually, British Columbia or Ontario get lucky because, well… People buy more tickets there, so it is just statistically normal.

But, this morning, the lucky winner is in Québec.

And I have a ticket.

A lot of people I know would rush to check out if the results matched their ticket. I prefer to wait, and wonder. This is why I bought this tiny piece of paper to begin with, after all. I didn’t buy it to win, well aware I have almost no chance to be a millionaire this morning. I bought it to dream of a life free of monetary issues.

For years, I’ve wondered what I would do. People who know me well know I am not a big spender. I don’t think I would suddenly go crazy on a Louboutin buying spree. I don’t want luxurious jewelry, a big fancy house, or a helicoper…

Easy to say? No, I just don’t want all that.

But I am dreaming of giving my close family an early and comfortable retirement. I dream about saying “Bye bye boss!” and having the liberty of doing what I am doing now, just without the “having to pay the bills” usual worries.

I am dreaming about spoiling my close friends. Not by buying them bling blingy things, but by making their lives easier.

I dream about sharing a part of my jackpot with people who need it badly.

I’d most probably want to buy myself a “pied à terre” somewhere in Denmark. It’d be my way of spoiling myself. Traveling. When and where I want. Sitting in a café, in the middle of nowhere, and writing as a citizen of the world.

Life wouldn’t be worryless. Money doesn’t buy happiness. It wouldn’t buy me the love of the people I love, and it would attract the attention of people who don’t care about me now. It wouldn’t keep me from getting sick, and it wouldn’t prevent me from taking bad decisions…

I just hope I’d remember all this if I checked my ticket later today, and found out I am the lucky one. What a crazy post-updating that would be… LOL

What about you? Do you buy lottery tickets? And if so, what do you wish for when you do?


6 thoughts on “What if…

  1. I bought a lotto ticket…once. it was so much fun thinking about what i could do with a lot of money. I could fix the warped floors in my house..update the bathroom so a shower works…maybe put up a small outbuilding in the back so george would have a place to play with his trains and build his models. I’d like to get a haircut at a beauty salon. That would be nice. I’d like to buy a set of seat cushions for the dining room chairs. Wood is hard and only gets harder the older one becomes. I’d get a broken tooth fixed…dentists cost far too much for me to go now. I’d like to be able to pass something down to my children besides bills. Small dreams here. I actually got three numbers of the six on that ticket and won $100.00. I paid the electric I think.

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    1. I’m all about little dreams too… And beware, since I now have your adress lol I just might show up to cover them chairs with you 🙂 And with very colorful cushions too!! hehehehe

      And just imagine the extras we could afford on that cruise (I hope you didn’t forget about our upcoming cruise…. did you?)

      But I don’t want to go buy fancy jewels, because I really don’t want to be molested in my room like Kim K. for wearing fancy bling bling!


  2. I also buy tickets for the “What if”, it’s well worth two dollars. I think that if I were to ever win, I’d use it to become a self sufficient mountain hermit. Right after we get tired of travelling. No jewels or fancy hotels for me either, my cheapness is too well ingrained. Also it would be so fun to be able to anonymously change my friends lives. The only horrible bit would be that I get such bad guilt when someone asks for something I’m able to give but don’t want to. I usually cave, then feel guilty about not standing up for myself. Evil cycle. Haha long story short, maybe I shouldn’t win the lotto.

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    1. LOL I feel like that too sometimes, but I dream about not having to worry about money too much for keeping those 2$ in my purse… I’ll let fate decide if I can handle the challenge of being rich! Mouahahahahaah

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