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I woke up before Chéri today, again. Not because I couldn’t sleep anymore, nor because I couldn’t stand the warm comfortable beddings.

I wanted to catch up with you, Lovelies. The last two or three days have been spent starting to get ready for Christmas, getting ready for my brother’s birthday, and actually attending it in Trois-Rivières yesterday.

For this last event, I just had to bring my everpresent Danish touch, and after friendly advices, and much thinking, I set my mind on baking a gingerbread-like Kagemand (Cake man).

Here is the cake itself, after my crafty carving!


I am no Mack, but I was pretty happy with myself.

But that was just the beginning of the adventure… I now had to make my fondant icing (need I remind you that Chéri and I rarely eat sweets, so, I pretty much never bake cakes, cookies or the like…) and decorate my lovely Kagemand with all sorts of candies.


It might look a tad childish to you, and it is normal. It was intended to look clumsy. The Kagemand is traditionally baked for a child’s birthday, in Denmark. I think mine looked pretty good with his stripped shirt, and corduroy pants…

Talking about childish…

My brother (I figured he was the main suspect, by the giggling when he saw my reaction to the Kagemand alteration…) thought it would be fair to add a little detail…


Boys will be boys, right?

Now, to respect the tradition, Birthday Boy had to cut his Kagemand’s head off first. Yes, children beheading cake men is a commun thing in DK, and we just had to do it!


I have the video of the slaughter, with me screaming in the back, but I’m affraid it could disturb the faint hearted.

After all this Danish-like fun, I think what I enjoyed the most, was the conversation that spread around the table… See, it seems we, peaceful Canadians, are not totally comfortable with the idea of having children killing cakes! LOL Chéri’s mom was interested in making a Kagemand for her grand children, but she said she probably wouldn’t go for the head cutting.

I thought it was a shame… I just couldn’t help imagining the children’s parents’ faces, when the kids would come back home describing the scene. Obviously not mentionning the interesting Danish traditional side to it. Mouaahahahahahah

Hey, a Viking is a Viking… And you have to teach your Viking kids early….

So… With this said, I am off to answer your messages from the last days. I am sorry I stayed away from the keyboard so long.

I hope you are all having a great last-week-before-Christmas!  *Hugs from Freezingland* (no, really it is frette en tabarnak here…)




4 thoughts on “Kagemand…

  1. Beheading goes with a child’s birthday as much as beating a favorite paper figure until it’s innards spew candy, then a wild free for all over said candy. Growing up is vicious! And happy birthday to your bro.☺

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I didn’t think about it, but you are absolutely right…. Smashing a Pinata is also pretty agressive… LOL And I never considered it unsuited for a child’s birthday… Good point! 🙂

      I hope you’re having a great pre-Christmas week 🙂 xx

      Liked by 1 person

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