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Liking me…



I got you with the kitten, right?

This morning, looking at my stats a little, I started paying attention to the posts you Lovelies have been reading these past few days. Of course, most of the hits were for my latest posts. Makes sense. People scroll through their Reader, and come have a look at the fresher work…

But there were some surprises…

I have 666 published posts so far. I’ve reached the number of the beast, and it scared me a little when I noticed it. It is a lot. A lot of spilling out of my thoughts on The Internets. A lot of sharing my life. A lot of shenanigans…

On the other side, I was kind of proud. Not about what I’ve written, but for keeping the Cove running… A little over a year, and I probably skipped writing only while in Denmark. That’s quite an achievement for me.

I started from scratch, as we all do. There are now 345 of you, Lovelies, coming and going, and though I can’t imagine what the coming year will bring along, I am looking forward to keep hitting on the keyboard on a daily basis….

So, looking at those stats, I noticed some old posts that received your visit. Some I didn’t remember the subject at first, some I remembered writing, but had forgotten what exactly I had published…

So I went back in time, and I re-read myself.

I was expecting to think that my old posts would be disappointing. Some were, but I found myself laughing out loud reading others…

Sitting on the couch, considering the day to come, I realized I enjoyed getting people’s likes, but making myself smile was an even greater feeling.

A sweet start to another day in the bloggosphere…

14 thoughts on “Liking me…

    1. Awww thanks Suze… Sorry for giving you a headache with the French posts 😛 At least, I was nice enough not to attempt posting in Danish (well, I did, once… But don’t bother trying to find it, it was a poem :P)


  1. I don’t think it’s wise reading your old posts. I might get jealous again, then find out that you were describing a trip with your brother, which would then make me look all foolish for thinking such things in the first place!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I am puzzled… I sure wouldn’t want to make you look foolish, but a little jealousy is always nice from time to time 😉 If it doesn’t end up in a pool of blood lol


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