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Definately Autumn…



Gone summer…

For two days now, Autumn has settled in Montréal. The trees had dressed in different shades of yellows, oranges and reds a while ago, but it didn’t really count yet, since it was still very warm all day, and the sun was almost always out there shining high and bright.

Gone the warm weather, and gone the sun too, now.




I’m walking home from work… It’s been a long long day. Almost as long as my to-do list… There’s so much to be done.

Wash clothes for the week to come. Clean the kitchen… because, well, cleaning won’t take care of itself even if I am up since 3h45 am. Start plannin Chéri and little bro’s birthdays. Replying to messages received during the afternoon, preparing my answer to two blogging awards, because yes, Suze and Betcha Didn’t Know nominated me, and even if my energy level flirts with nil, I am really excited about it, and don’t want to postpone my participation to the chain!

I should also be working on my Turtle blog… And there is a big project coming my way, that I really have to put some time on.

All fun things (if you put aside the cleaning) but there are just so few hours in one day! I sure could use a little energy boost, but it is just typical first-days-of-Fall feeling.

I know that in a few days, I’ll have accustomed to Autumn’s arrival. I never stay “under the weather” for long.

Another picture, for the road…




Autumn blues… Tinting my steps.



27 thoughts on “Definately Autumn…

  1. there’s a plastic fork in the last picture….yes, I know, I know…….no one else on the planet would have noticed that poor little plastic fork except Suze! What can I say. Forget the cleaning. it’ll just get dirty again. go do something fun.

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    1. 😉 It is actually the reason I took the last picture 😛 I like awkward, useless details 🙂 Glad you have the eye for that too!

      You’re right about the cleaning, but I can’t help but feel guilty when I let things pile up… We’ll just have to see what I’ll end up doing…

      OooOooOOooOooOOoh… Suspence! (or Suzepence? 😛 )

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    1. Spring and Fall are just beautiful here… I think those seasons are there to prepare us for winter and make us forget it 😛 I am not a big Winter fan, hehehe…

      What is the weather like in Arizona these days? 🙂

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  2. The leaves haven’t quite fallen here yet (and I’m not sure they will), so this helped give me my fall leaves fix a bit! Reminds me a great deal of Ohio. Thanks for sharing, Cyranny ❤ While the to-do list is always there and always huge, it's always important to stop and take in the beauty of everything happening around us. Thanks for reminding us of that!

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    1. I’m happy if I could bring back some good memories back, Mack 🙂 The turn of seasons is always a magical thing…

      Trying to see the beauty in little things helps cover up other darker things 🙂

      I hope you’re having a great weekend! xxx

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  3. Here in my country there are only two seasons: Dry season and the Wet season. Basically, if it’s not too hot — summer hot, it’s either raining or it’s so cold. There is no in between. I would love to go take a walk around on your place ❤ I'd really run around and enjoy!

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    1. I do enjoy having four seasons… I spent 5 years in Guinea, Africa, where there was only dry and we seasons. And I missed the transition of Spring and Fall…

      Where exactly are you from?

      Welcome to the Cove…I hope to see you again soon 🙂

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      1. I love to see how blogging can make us connect with people so far…

        If you like pictures of faraway places, you can always check out my “if you came to Montréal” posts 🙂

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      2. Thank you for spending time in the Cove 🙂 It is always nice to see new faces around…

        Btw, I love the name of your blog… Haven’t had time to read a lot of it over the weekend (I’ve been a busy bee) but I sure look forward to catch up 🙂


  4. I love fall and congrats to the nomination Re cleaning: You gotta do what you gotta do… but what was that re Turtle blog???? Tell me more! Come share it with my party guests, we are still going… I love turtles!!!

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    1. *blushing* 🙂 Thank you, I really appreciate your attention to details!

      I too prefer those two transitional seasons… They hold so much beauty 🙂

      I hope to see you again soon in the Cove xx


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