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Inspiring bunny…


When I came upon this picture, it spoke to me right away.

It inspired me a long post, one of my good ones, I think.  But I think it is even better off by itself… If it inspires me, it might inspire you? What do you see in it? I’m curious…

Wishing all of you Lovelies, an awesome weekend!

6 thoughts on “Inspiring bunny…

  1. Being dressed as a bunny is symbolic of them feeling like a bunny that hops and hops through life. Some hops big, some small. (choices like new house, marriage, new project, job) those are all leaps in life. But you can tell maybe they are inspiring to leap over the balcony. It’s the biggest leap they ever took. So they are wondering if that jump will kill them, or if they will be the first bunny(person) to acomplish it.(goal) 😄

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    1. See… I was right about leaving my thoughts aside for a moment and leaving it out to others to interpret 🙂 Nice bunny hop/ taking chances in life analogy 😉

      I hope nobody goes for the balcony leap of faith today. 😉

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    1. I like the idea Kira… I can just hear the “bunny’s” mind, thinking “where did I drop my underwear along the way?” or something like it.

      Really far from the angle I had… thank you for sharing your view!!

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