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If you came to Montréal… (6)

Yesterday, my traveling feet received some unexpected visit…




We were up for a girls’ day out downtown, and although we don’t need to have a good reason to spend time together, it called for a celebration.

First of all, it was my very very best friend’s 38th birthday last Friday. That alone was enough for a get together. But we also realised our friendship was now 30 years old… Now, that was something that was worth drinking to.




So I met with my friend at Radisson métro station, we took a few minutes to sit down in front of Place Versailles Mall, so she could unwrap her birthday gift and we could take a few pictures with Rien.




Rien is a lemur plush, and kind of a mascot. My friend has one too, whose name is Lému (Lému, Rien, “lémurien” – French for lemur) When me and Jessica meet, we try to take Lému and Rien with us and take pictures of them doing all kinds of tourist stuff… (Yes… we are both 38!)

So here’s Rien, pointing at the métro map I’ve showed you previously, in its natural habitat, the subway! (blurry, because… well… we were in the subway 😉 )




We got off at Berri-UQAM station, and our first “stop” was a long walk along rue St-Denis. I love that part of town, but I might be a bit biased, since it is where the Quartier Latin theater is, and that’s where the Montréal Film Festival usually takes place. On St-Denis street, you’ll find all kinds of restaurants, cafés, bars and boutiques… It is always full of pedestrians, even if parts of the road are under construction…



We decided to stop by our favorite Mexican restaurant, les 3 Amigos, to have a Corona and snack on chili nachos… We cheered to our 30th friendship anniversary, and we decided to do something really really wild to celebrate it in style… But I am not allowed to talk about this just yet. You’ll have to settle for a view of our nacho plate for now.




Our first spontaneous pick for something fun to do, was to ride one of those London-like double decker buses around Montréal. Writing these posts made me very aware of how little I actually know about my own city. Jessica also thought it’d be cool, and we walked around for a while, looking for a spot where we could hop in, but we had to agree that it would have to wait until Jess’ next short trip to Mtl.

Instead, we went walking in the Village.



The Village, is a neighbourhood where most of the gay and lesbian oriented businesses were relocated, a long time ago, because of homophobia. It became some sort of gay ghetto, but now, even if the vast majority of the bars in the area are still mostly for gay people, everyone is welcome, and mingle, especially during summer. In that part of town, Ste-Catherine street is blocked to the traffic, allowing pedestrians to enjoy the Village more freely. A good way to describe the Village? It definitely is very colorful… Very colorful. Avoid the neighbourhood if you are easily offended by phallic references and the like, but personally… I love it! (the Village, not the references… LOL)

I was a little nostalgic though, when we when by one of the former iconic places, the Club Sandwich restaurant, which closed two years ago… I had such great times there back in the days…  Farewell Club Sandwich!




It was getting time to find a nice place to have supper, and we set our minds on Paesano, back on St-Denis street. It is a nice Italian restaurant with a terrace on the second floor, allowing us to have a great view on everything going on all around.

I hadn’t thought that Sunday was Gémeaux night… The equivalent of the Emmy Awards (only Québec size lol). We saw our share of local stars, and buses full of well dressed guesses, attending the big gala.



And finally, it was time to take the subway again, and head home… Ending one nice day as nicely as it had begun.

I tried to take a few shots of the Montréal neon lights, but the results were a bit disapointing… Here is Archambault, one of the main book/music/movie stores in Québec…  The sign really looks good, but I didn’t achieve to honor it…  Too bad!


Until our next adventure downtown! I hope you enjoyed the ride… 🙂

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