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Sweet little nothings…



February rain was pouring down, but he didn’t mind…

Are you tongue ticklish? 

Where did she find those ideas? Tongue ticklish, did she mean anything naughty? Pulling the wooden coffee stick out of her cup, she handed it his way, inviting him to scratch on his taste buds… Surprisingly, the scrubbing gave him a shiver down the spine.

Yes, I guess so, yes I am…

She giggled, covered him with her sparkling gaze, then looked away again… She always had that childish look when she discovered something useless about him.

And that’s what he loved about her, sweet little nothings…



11 thoughts on “Sweet little nothings…

  1. Nice story. 🙂 Trying to “Like” it officially but the “Like” button is refusing to load. Will try again later when I’m somewhere with more reliable internet. In the meantime, consider this comment a big “Like”.

    Liked by 1 person

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