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I am being stalked.

It’s been going on for a while.

Not a long while, but long enough to start to wonder if I should worry about it. It started on WordPress… I started getting messages, and through flattery, I ended up contacting the person about to stalk me by email.

The messages kept coming in, pretty regularly, except on days when my Stalker would retreat to a mysterious cabin in the woods. Obviously to work on stalking plots. On Mondays, I’d get appologizing notes talking about the outdoors’ breeze causing problems connecting to the Internets (yeah right!!)

Then, the text messages began popping on my cell phone. I got nervous, but there was no threats or agressivity in the little notes, so I played along.

Now, that person keeps a close look on my whereabouts through Messenger. I try to fool around, to give as little information as I can, but it is a sneaky fox. I have come to enjoy our chats, and my fear level is dropping by the day. I am afraid my Stalker will hit when I finally drop all guards.

I am not famous by any means, but I guess some people just aren’t after fame… maybe?

Today I got the following by mail:


No special reason uh? Something tells me there is a clear message; “”

Ok, yes, I did provide my adress… But still?

What troubles me is that I feel weirdly close to this person. I might be suffering some kind of cyber-Stockholm syndrome? Maybe…

But still… It really really feels like friendship! I hope I’ll live to tell about it!

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