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Souvenirs, souvenirs…


My furry alarm clock was set for 7h30 this morning.

I didn’t agree, today being the last day of my vacation. But there’s no off button on these babies, and even the snooze is questionnable.

So, here I am, up and cutting on much needed beauty sleep. Meh!

Luckily, the Internets never sleep, so I had plenty to read on WP and Facebook. And I came upon this quote. It brought some smile-giving memories back.

About 20 years ago (really? That long ago already??) I used to hang out with a couple of friends (they actually were a couple). Let’s call them Catherine and Martin!

I met Catherine and Martin at Trois-Rivières’ improvisation club. (Improvisation would deserve a post of its own, but to make a long story short, an impro match opposes two teams who perform very short theater-like pieces on a given subject. After each performance of the 2 teams, the audience votes for the best. Lots of fun!)

We really quickly connected, and it was like a friendly threesome! I enjoyed spending time with one or the other just the same, but we were at our best when altogether…

The reason this quote spoke to me is that while spending time at their apartment (which I did a looooooot back then – I basically just went home to sleep), we often got cravings for something random. And when that happened, Martin and I jumped in my old baby blue Fox, and we rode to the grocerie store.

Our trips to the grocerie store took forever. I don’t remember all the stupid things we did there, but I do recall one particular time when we spent at least half an hour just considering with kind of bubble bath would make the biggest mess if poured in a toilet tank, as a prank.

Point being, after all these years, I am soooo happy Catherine wasn’t a jealous gal. It would have been impossible to explain how going to get a bag of chips from a store 5 minutes away could take us an hour and a half. She knew when we left, but never when we’d be back! And cell phones weren’t there for a quick check in…

Yeah, we’re almost done honey, we just voted on our favorite laundry soap scent! There was a tie, it delayed us a bit on our way to get the beer! 

I guess I am an easily entertained person…  LOL

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