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I haven’t seen a new flag in a while…

I like seeing new flags in my stats, especially on so-so days. Last time, I put my best games on to seduce Brazil, and not long later, the home of Rio’s Carnival showed up, and lit my day!

Today I miss Guinea. Not New Guinea, nor Guinea Bissau. Guinea, my good old Guinea, neighbour to Senegal and Ivory Coast. For those who wouldn’t know it already, I lived in Guinea for 5 years. 5 wonderful years.

Guinea, I wish I wrote to you in French, but most of my usual visitors don’t speak our common language..

But pictures are boundery-less, so here are a few things I miss about you…



Kamsar, my hometown, when I was abroad. And here’s CBG’s plant, the reason we moved to Africa… The orange grounds were very specific to the city, consequence of the bauxite processing.  Although it stained most of our clothes, you must admit that its bright warm color complemented nature’s green!



The fresh fruits…  Pinnapples, mangos, papayas, bananas… I must say that ever since I came back to Canada for good, my appetite for fruit took a serious drop. I always expect to taste the sweet juicy taste of the recent harvest.. And get disappointed.


Guinée-1-251 The small villages… Where we were always welcome to stop and exchange with locals. Some people might see poorness in a picture like this one. I see the richness of people who live from what they grow and raise, and that find happiness in the small things of life.



The rice fields… Although it smelled like… S***, I enjoyed walking in the fields, and helping women. It was incredible to see the green fields during the rainy season, after having walked across the dry soil all dry season long…



The almost untouched nature… Just beautiful, and often leaving us speachless.



The amazing people, making the most out of anything.

Yeah, I miss you… And I hope to see your flag in my stats soon! Because you’re one amazing country. And if you pass by, be sure to wave on your way through the Cove!

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