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Be silly!



Amen Erin!

When I open up to people, I often appear to be a bit on the crazy side with my silly thougts, coming out of nowhere, and spilling out on the “normal” world.

But really, it is just (well… most of the time) thinking outside the box.

I like analyzing little things that no one seems to notice, or retiring into a mind universe of my own. I don’t get how some people can go along life without fantasy and craziness. I think I would get depressed after just one day of not letting my mind go astray.

I am fortunate enough to have come across a couple of beautiful free minds along my life journey… And it is one of the best feelings to be able to feed on another person’s wild imagination.

Sadly, some serious people try to tame us. I don’t really understand that.

If you don’t like flying animals, don’t buy a bird and cut its feathers to keep it from flying… Just get yourself a cat or a dog! 😉

Just the same, if it bothers you that I live in a world where parallel lives is a way to escape dullness, just don’t listen to me.

Let me be silly… Let others be silly… Silly feels good sometimes…

Be a little silly!

Fjollet, you know?

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