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I like Us… (A to Z challenge)


Bending the rules again? Yeah, a bit, but it’ll all make sense in a moment!

“I”, in English, is one of the three most important people in my life. With “me” and “myself”, that is… A tad narsissic? Not at all, since I need those three people to just be. And I need to be in order to keep the confusing posts coming. The day I won’t carry on being, you’ll have to find another crazy Canadian to sometimes entertain you!

But for the time being, “I” is me.

“I” in Danish, is “you”. The plural form of “you”. Like you, dear readers. Oh yeah, I like you!  You all, long time and new visitors, the ones that just pass by and those who stick around to see what will come out of my head next, in my mental Roulette Russe!

So, “i” is you.

Now, we have to involve maths. I know, I know, not something fun for a lot of us, but it is necessary. I’ll make it very easy, and I promise it won’t hurt!

I (me) + i (you) = us


But it has nothing to do with French… Just an English/Danish thing.



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