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On est bons dans l’eau…


I have to make my coming out.

I don’t like the Olympics!

There, you all know it… The truth is out, and I can’t un-say it! I have endless admiration for those athletes, but I just have no dang interest in watching them battle for medals.

I am pretty sure nobody would cheer for me, even if I was taking the call of an extremely unsatisfied customer, sweating bullets to keep my calm while some Albanian woman would try to have the upper hand, being even nicer than me with her own client! In the finals for Customer Service Skills, I’d wait nervously for the judges’ verdict, and drop to my knees in joy and relief, as they would announce that I got the gold medal by 2 or 3 points only!! And I’d travel back to Canada, be the pride of all and everyone,  be interviewed once or twice, before returning to a no one gives a dang status… Until the next Boring Jobs World Games!

Nope, no one would cheer for that. No Ooooos and Aaaaaahs as I would calm down the angry caller, even if my skills are of a worldwide level. No “please sign my inner thigh”, even if I was the very best!

So, I recognize the talents of the athletes, but I don’t feel bad not embarking the Olympic train. I don’t lose sleep over swimming racing on a daily basis, so why would I suddenly feel super proud that Canadian women are the best at it? I am happy for them, but the interest ends there….

And the title of my post?

In English “We’re good in water.” – comment heard on the news…  (yeah, it seems Canada has won a bunch of medals in different swimming sports)

We‘re not… They are.

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