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Soaking in the early nineties…

  • I am building up a playlist for Tuesday’s party, do you have any ideas?

My brother’s Messenger bubble head has just popped up on the screen…

Tuesday, an old friend is throwing a summer party. A very special party gathering a whole bunch of people I haven’t seen in 20 years or so. As I have mentionned earlier in my blog, I lived in Africa in the early nineties, in Guinea, in a small town called Kamsar to be precise. We spent 5 years there, sharing our expats’ lives with people from around the world.

One by one, our families went back to their home countries, and if some of us kept in touch, I  didn’t have much contact with any of them since then.

Tuesday night, a number of us will meet again, and spend an evening reminiscing good old time memories. We’ll eat and drink, and laugh, and maybe shed a tear or two.

I couldn’t help but sit back and think about how my life had been since we last were together. Most of my friends have since gotten married, bought a house and had kids… I don’t have any of that. I am living in a simple appartment I share with chéri, and we only have a cat. Did they succeed more than me? I was afraid so, but then I thought about my little brother that doesn’t have a better half, nor children. And I have an endless admiration for him. So… I am at peace with my situation after all.

Friday evenings in Kamsar, were spent at an expat social club called the Sawmill. We had a restaurant, a bar, a super-tiny videoclub, and what could be considered like a dance club for us teens.

Each Friday, the whole town gathered at the Sawmill. We put on our best clothes, made ourselves all pretty, and had a blast. Each Friday, the coolest kids took their tapes to our little club, closed the lights, lit up the mirror ball and played the same hits week after week, since we had no contact with the outside world during the year.

The most exciting Fridays were those in September, when we were just back from summer vacation in our home countries. Everybody filled up on new music that was popular where they came from, and we shared all the new songs we’d be dancing to for the year to come.

We were experts about “mix tapes”…  Recording a mix of the best American, Canadian and European tunes. I still have boxes of those, sitting in a corner of my room. Well, they were sitting there, untill my brother called me. I brought the 2 shoe boxes to the living room, and went through the titles…

We came up with a list of about 70 tunes everybody will remember for sure… From Enigma to Scorpions, from Bonnie Tyler to C&C Music Factory. I can imagine the reactions it will bring up… An instant trip to the early nineties, at the Sawmill, even if it won’t be on a Friday night 🙂

Here are a few songs I had completely forgotten along the years… What are your favorite early nineties hits??






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