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What is wrong with you people…?


Tag seen in a subway entrance, in Chicago

For a few months now, I have tried to watch the news as little as possible. As I saw on a Facebook post a few days ago, I want to keep myself informed, but it is interferring with my mental well-being.

Just today, all we hear about is the tragic events in Nice, Baton Rouge and in Turkey… It has to be reported, I am not complaining about that. But it depresses me to wake up every morning, wondering what and where the new tragedy will be.

What is so wrong with this world?

It might sound dramatic, but one of the main reasons I don’t have kids, and am not planin on having any, is that I truly believe I wouldn’t leave them in a better world than the one I was born in.

Sad event after sad event, we bring security to freakish levels, taking liberty away from the majority of people. The mass pays for the very few who are a threat, and let’s be honest, those bad-minded people are so creative and focused, that any security measure we put in place, they’ll find a way to go around…

I don’t feel negative as I write these words, just realistic. Mankind is going down the slope..

I have ideas about how to make the world a better place, but I don’t think we have solutions to stop those who want to destroy it.

I truly hope things will turn around. One good action at a time. I’m not naive enough to believe in world peace for the moment. But I hope we can just evolve a little, and stop the madness that is spreading like a plague…

5 thoughts on “What is wrong with you people…?

  1. I feel the same as you do. All this talk from the politicians that we need to work together, bla, blah, bla…it won’t work with the kind of sick minds running amok. This is the new normal, and unfortunately we just have to get used to it.

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  2. I often try to tell myself that there is no more madness now than there was in the past, and that it is just that now with the Internets and other medias, we are just more aware of it… But I am afraid it is not the case. If only angry souls could be cured by gentleness…


  3. I agree with you, it is hard to stay informed about things going on in the world and not have it effect you mentally. It is really draining. There is already so much tragedy in life from death, disease, accidents, etc., that having all this hate and anger on top of everything else is mystifying to me. Seriously, people. Just stop.

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    1. Thank you for your comment! Like you, the madness and anger mystify me. I don’t understand how, with all the technology available in 2016 to communicate, it is even possible to have such blind hate for people. I am not a Care Bear, I don’t like everybody I come across, but I can’t see the point in hating and destroying. And you can only feel helpless in front people who live to spread death around them.

      It is a sad world we are living in… Luckily, there are still good reasons to smile 🙂

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      1. It is sad that there are people so lost and so hurt and so angry and hateful that they are unable to see the reasons to smile everyday. I really do hold out hope that things will get better. It is all we can do at this point. Maybe people will wake up 🙂

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