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Cups song…

That song always finds its way home, to the back of my head that would be. It plays in loops, giving me an urge to tap on my living room table, wondering what if…?

What when…?

I’ve been told spring and winter are the best times to visit, weather wise… I would have loved to wait until Christmas, it being so lovely over there.

  • You don’t know that!

I do, I trust Mr. Keillor, and the other people who have told me. But spending Christmas abroad would mean spending Christmas alone, and that is just wrong. It is a period of the year meant to be spent with your family, and I have already been unsuccessful trying to convince my parents and brother to book a family trip to enjoy a “hyggelig Jul” all together.

Summer will be impossible… Because of my limited budget. Plane tickets are out of price, starting to explode around mid-June. And April is way to close… I guess that’d leave me with an opening in may (maj).

Two months to plan everything, is it even thinkable? I am afraid it is, DK!

My head is spinning a little now. What if I was crazy enough to do it? What if I took next two month and acted instead of my usual whining about not being able to do it? What if this was the last crazy thing life has in stock for me, and I decided to turn it down?

Younger me is screaming from inside…

  • Do it! Do it! Do it, god dang! Let us enjoy the feeling of freedom again! Just the two of us, for a few weeks, and then you can get all serious about taking care of everything at home, and saving for a future house, or an eventual change of chéri’s car…

Younger me knows how to change my mind, and I’ve been fighting her for a while now, but she has noticed she hadn’t come that close to winning in the past…

  • Come on! Admit you’re dying to say yes!! Ooook, take your time, think about it… What about just checking for a backpack online in the meanwhile? You know, we could travel super light, never having to find a place to leave the suitcase? I know you hate doing to-do list, but what about we wrote a chores list of the obligatory things we’d have to do if I win, and then, if it IS impossible, I’ll let you win!

I agreed to make her shut up…

Ok, so, what do we need to do…?

  • Set dates… obviously.
  • Get vacation for those dates… Younger me would leave without my boss’ approval, but I just can’t.
  • Buy a good backpack… I give her that point, traveling light is something I’ve always dreamed of doing, so if she wins, we are not taking a suitcase with us!
  • Buy a good yet compact camera… No way are we taking one of my Nikon beasts along, and I certainly don’t want to have to take out our tablet out everytime I get across something interesting.
  • Make a clear list of where we HAVE to go and what we HAVE to do.
  • Get in contact with a few Couch owners to have a head start… But no tight planin, to give us the liberty of spending more time in some places if we wish to.
  • Check passport.
  • Buy ticket.
  • Get packed.
  • Enjoy!

Obviously, I will have to add a few things to this list, but it is a pretty good start. Younger me is already showing me some backpacks to consider…

So, who’s going to win….?  And all that thinking because of a song…


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