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Family memories…

Along the years, my family and I have discovered how memories are not a precise science. Unless we have a picture of it, or still have it on tape, memory recollection over a good supper is always more like a debate than anything else…

We have four absolutely different bags of souvenirs of the last 30 some years. And it gets hilarious to try to remember what actually happened. Chéri must sometimes wonder if my parents introduced my brother and I to drugs early in life to have such 4 different, yet very clear, pasts spent together…

It has come to the point where we have something called “the real family memories”. They are few and consist in having ¾ of the family agreeing on a particular moment of our shared life! And it doesn’t happen often.

Sometimes, it feels like one day, long ago, our four brains decided to split the work and record only ¼ of everything we did as a family. Therefor keeping memory space for useless stuff like knowing how many dimples a golf ball has, and me learning Danish… It is a wise choice, although I doubt it would still work nowadays with all the families splitting up and all…

Another reason I figured, is maybe we were abducted by drunk aliens who did a dang poor job of washing our brains and implanting false memories… I don’t know what I’d prefer…

Of all “real family memories” we’ve agreed on so far, there is one that got a perfect 4/4. One hot dog evening, my parents obviously thought my brother and I were taking too long to finish supper (which is absolutely normal for me… I take forever to eat anything) so they decided to propose a little contest. Each of them coached one of us, into a race of “who can finish his/her hotdogs first”. There was a 50 cents or about bonus prize for the winner… Which back then probably was worth 5 domestic chores done to have a little pocket money. So we gave ourselves and battled like two tiny warriors… Ending the contest with another “real family memory”; Hot dogs, the return!

Some things are just worth remembering, don’t you think?


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