Just stories

The world is not a friendly place.

Children molesting… Corruption… Rape… Murder… War… Poverty…

Everyone suffers…

I close my eyes on it all. And flee from it all. And go hiding where life doesn’t hurt.

Why don’t you come with me?

We don’t have to go chasing unicorns, or become half human half exotic birds, or seek lands that don’t exist… We can just build an imaginary house, where stories are told, and laughters cover the sounds of the “real” world.

A place where people are just people, regardless of the nationality, age, sex… A place where lies and worries are left at the door, like a coat that you hang up.

We don’t have to live there, but it would be the perfect hideout when daily life seems unbearable. There would be no lock on the doors, no fence around it, no “walking on the lawn prohibited” sign planted in the ground.

Just a simple house, built around a big fireplace, with pictures of visitors from around the world on the mantle. People could throw a guitar jam, and sing along or simply tell each other jokes.

And at night, those not ready to head home could get cozy, cuddle up together on cushions in front of the fire and listen to the silence…


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