Mine første kroner!


The mailman was particularly welcome today…

I received a tiny enveloppe from Europe, and it was my latest Christmas gift. Yeah, in Denmark, people receive gifts weeks before Xmas, well, I keep the jolly ambiance going after the holidays!

So I received Kroner!! Nice and shiny, and probably wearing authentic Danish fingerprints!! Who knows…

I love my Kroner… And I love the fact that Danes have hearts stamped on their money. Have you ever seen money with hearts on it??  Really, Spain, USA, Kenya, if you have hearts on your money, let me know! It will kill a part of the magic of Kroner, but I’d still really like to know.

I had doubts… Did our money bare hearts that I would never have seen?


Nope, Canada is obviously less loving than Denmark. But we like our wild animals!

Tonight I’ll walk home with  just a few Kroner in my hand… But as Danes would say

Mange bække små gør en stor å!




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