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Mom!! I haz lost my earz!!

Sometimes, Miss Freja gets annoyed by the fact that Chéri and I spend so much time at our respective computer desks. Today, Chéri told her that, in order to let go of our two jobs, she would have to let me take cute pictures of her, so we could open an Instagram account for her,…… Continue reading Mom!! I haz lost my earz!!

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Take a vacation, Murphy!

Here we go again… Two or three days ago, I realized that I have been blessed with yet another WP glitch. And this time, it is not just a mild annoyance. For every post I create or edit, I only get about ten lines-worth of white background. Then, I can keep writing, but the next…… Continue reading Take a vacation, Murphy!

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Between Bloggers – All for one!

Last weekend, I threw a last minute Meet & Greet Party. First and foremost, I’d like to thank all the lovely people that stopped by and made the party a success! It was a lot of fun, and though I hadn’t forgotten, it reminded me of something important. Blogging isn’t just about publishing content. If you…… Continue reading Between Bloggers – All for one!

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Special day…

  If there is one thing that covid-19 has robbed from all of us, it is the freedom of being with our loved ones if they don’t live with us. Today is Mom’s birthday, and quite honestly, it is the first time since March that I am really annoyed to be stuck home. I’ve only…… Continue reading Special day…

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It’s been three and a half hours, since the Internets decided to leave me. I love the Internets dearly, and I just don’t understand why it decided to break up with me so unexpectedly. Of course, I can always ask for a little help from my cell phone and flirt with the mighty cellular Internets,…… Continue reading Internetless…

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Missing my After Eight Moments…

You might have noticed that I have skipped a couple nights of After Eight Moments… It was not intended, and I am actually quite pissed annoyed about it. I take all those pictures with my cell phone. I was convinced that the dang phone was saving them on my memory card. I trusted Samsung, I had…… Continue reading Missing my After Eight Moments…

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All you need is… Duct tape!

All I wanted was to take a bath, dang it! But the tub’s plug kept popping out, time and time and time again. I could have taken a shower, but I hate it when life decides for me. I gave the plug a second round of pop in/pop out. With no more success. I thought…… Continue reading All you need is… Duct tape!