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Special day…



If there is one thing that covid-19 has robbed from all of us, it is the freedom of being with our loved ones if they don’t live with us.

Today is Mom’s birthday, and quite honestly, it is the first time since March that I am really annoyed to be stuck home. I’ve only seen my parents once since the beginning of the pandemic, and I really really wished we’d be able to at least have a small family meal together for her special day.

Chéri and I could have driven to Trois-Rivières, where both our parents live. The authorities don’t control people moving in and out of Montréal, but it would have been wrong.

There are rules, and already enough people getting around them. And as much as I would love to be with Mom this evening, I still think it is better not to take any chance. 

So I sent her the above card and both Little Bro and I had little surprises delivered to her… Hopefully bringing a little bit of joy despite the lack of proper party.

I called Mom this morning, and we’ll make a Messenger Live video call to have a little glass of wine all together, later on tonight…

Hoping that next year, we’ll get to celebrate big time, and hug & kiss each other!

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