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Take a vacation, Murphy!


Here we go again…

Two or three days ago, I realized that I have been blessed with yet another WP glitch. And this time, it is not just a mild annoyance.

For every post I create or edit, I only get about ten lines-worth of white background. Then, I can keep writing, but the next lines are written on a black background, and seen how minuscule the font has been shrunk by WP recently, I can’t put up with it for more than a couple of sentences.

I contacted the happy engineers already, but I wondered if anyone else was experiencing this??

Honestly, I can’t believe that WP would want to kick me out of the Bloggosphere that bad. This is someone else’s fault for sure, and I suspect that my (not so) good friend Murphy is behind this.

Dang you, Murphy!! Take a vacation and give me my comfortable blog back!


15 thoughts on “Take a vacation, Murphy!

    1. And I hope it doesn’t happen to you too… If only the writing was white on the black background, I could put up with it, while waiting to find a way to fix this. But black on black? That’s just not possible. *Ugh*

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    1. I really hope this is only a problem for me… But it would probably also mean that WP couldn’t fix it. *Fingers crossed* There’s not much more I can do for now…


  1. I haven’t seen this particular issue (yet) but I have been plagued by other problems. The most irritating ones are (a) cursor disappearing and refusing to show and (b) t e r m i n a l l y s l o w i n p u t … (usually happens when I’ve been editing a post for a while, can be cured sometimes by saving, exiting, and reloading.

    WP really, really needs to get its act together.

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    1. I have noticed it is taking a lot longer when I ”copy” a post and wait to edit it. It is annoying, but a little patience does the trick. On the other hand, reading black on black is not my forte… I hope this can be fixed… Good luck with your glitches 😉


    1. It seems businesses in general have a bad attitude but can not blame everything on the pandemic. If only we were warned when we should have been and had a leader to help us. WP is an on again off again working relationship. The classic editor was so much easier to use in every way.

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