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Unbreakable bond… – FFFC



Luis loved sunday mornings.

Mother did wake him up way too early to his liking, but it was well worth it. He nibbled on his toasts, while she meticulously prepped up. Mother was always elegant, but she did go the extra mile every week to go pay her respects to the Lord.

The house still smelled of her favorite coffee brew when she gave him her usual advices, just before heading to church.

Leaving them all by themselves.

Sunday morning was the only time of the week, when Luis and Lydia could spend a little one on one time together.

Most people didn’t understand the unique bond that tied twins together. And alone time was the best, to enjoy this special connexion without having to explain it.

Luis pulled the wooden board from under the bed, and lay it on the comfy carpet. He and his sister loved making puzzles, lying close on the fuzzy rug. The frame was almost complete, from their previous week’s session.

They didn’t need to talk. At least, not much. It was as if they shared brains, and every thought just danced in between both of them.

Lydia loved to sort the puzzle pieces by colors, or paterns, and he was in charge of finding the right place for them.

Without making eye contact, Luis whispered everything he thought worth mentionning about the past week… Where he had been, what he had done, whom he had met with. He murmured, just in case, because Mother didn’t understand.

Time was running out, as it always did.

Luis pushed the unfinished puzzle back under the bed. Mother would get back home any minute now, they both knew it, so it was time for goodbyes, after making the promise that she’d meet him again, come next sunday.

Mother’s car entered the driveway just as Luis was leaving the room. After closing the door, he straightened the little ”Lydia’s Room” frame. The same that was hanging there, when his twin sister had been killed in a terrible car accident…

Three years prior.


Via Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge

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