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Family Flashes…



Every now and then, my brain goes traveling down Memory Lane for no specific reason. And it comes back with a totally random very specific piece of my past.

Usually something that has to do with my childhood.

Chéri is very familiar with these Family Flashes, because I always feel the need to share them with him, when they happen.

I thought I’d start a little series, like a scrapbook of these tiny bits of my life.


As far back as I can remember, Dad was always a real joker.

He always had a joke prepared, whenever there was a gathering of some kind. I still remember many of his classics, although some didn’t age well…

When Little Bro and I were children, occasionally, someone would mention that we were really smart kids. Of course, his reply to the flattering comment had to be humorous.

They got their intelligence from their mother! – He always answered.

And there usually were some ”Awwws” because Dad was a little cocky too, and everybody would have thought he would have claimed to be the bright one between him and Mom.

I know that for a fact, because I kept mine! – He never failed to add.

Still to this day, this is one my favorite Dad jokes!

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