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Rock the Net… – FFFC



I really enjoy these Interwebs classes, though I must say, I don’t get it all just yet…

Thomas was sitting in the senior home’s garden with his grand-mother, discussing said new classes. It had taken a long time before she had agreed to take them, insisting that she was just too old for all this kids’ stuff.

I’m still a little lost in the Goggles, but the Skip thing is a lot of fun… But you know that, don’t you, Timmy?

Oh, of course he knew. She was especially skilled when it came to make random Skype calls on Sunday morning, around 6 AM, when she was preparing for church. The past few months, they had mostly been watching her room’s ceiling while having a half-asleep lovely chat, but Thomas could speak on behalf of all of Juliet’s grand-children when he said that it was just endearing.

Oh, I am really good at selfers too!

Thomas was puzzled. Selfers?

You know, all of you young people do it all the time!

Juliet suddenly searched her purse and pulled out a camera older than anything Thomas owned.

I don’t have one of these clever telephones, but it doesn’t matter.

Sticking her tongue out, she probably took a picture of him instead. Thomas just didn’t want to kill the old woman’s enthusiasm.

That’s great, Grandma… As us kids would say, you totally rock the Net!


Via Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge

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