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I love my fridge!



And so do you. You just might not know that you do, yet.

I used to think that all my home appliances were equally important to me. I really wanted to love my washer and dryer, oven and fridge all the same. No preference, no favorite… But I was wrong.

So wrong.

Just in case you wouldn’t know, we’re having electrical issues in the building where I live. And the tension variations that only made the lights flicker mildly at first, have gone wild yesterday night, to the point that I had to call the firemen, because I was convinced that the whole building would burn down.

I turned all the breakers off, and eventually agreed with Chéri to turn the heating on again (because, you know… Freezingland!).

The only other breaker that was also allowed to be turned on was the fridge’s.

See? That was the first sign that I wasn’t as impartial as I thought.

If you think about it, most things you own, you can live without, if they suddenly break or stop working. You can temporarely wash clothes in the bathtub and hang them to dry. The TV… Well, in our case, the television plays in a different league, and I’ve learnt that when our late TV passed away, leaving Chéri in a distress that forced us to go shopping the next day.

But pretty much anything else, you can survive without for a fair lenght of time.

Back to my disco-like apartment.

This evening, since the living room’s lamp wasn’t playing the role of a stroboscope anymore, we felt it would be safe to turn the oven back on, and enjoy a nice warm meal. We were halfway through the cooking, when I suddenly noticed something.

Or rather the lack of something.

The fridge had gone silent. So dreadingly silent.

Chéri suggested that I might have turned it down while searching for the oven’s breaker. Of course!! I engaged into a frantic try of each and every switch of the electrical board, until I realized that I had ultimately turned everything on, and the kitchen was still missing the precious sound of the fridge.

To be honest, I knew this would eventually happen. Because both my fridge and oven were given to me by my parents when I left the nest… Twenty four years ago. And they weren’t brand new back then. Far from it (add about 15 to 20 years…. I am not kidding you).

They date back to the days when things were made to last. They’re not very sexy anymore, but they’ve been loyal appliances, and I admire that.

But I digress…

My fridge was laying dead in the kitchen, and thoughts started running through my mind. There would be so much to do, in so little time.

Sort everything that’s in the fridge. Luckily, there’s one good side to Freezingland’s winter, and that’s that ”outside” becomes an open air freezer. So I would store everything we needed to keep on the balcony. Then I’d have to shop for a new fridge, available right now. And probably a new oven, because they usually come in pairs. That meant at least 2,000$ out of our bank account. Then finding someone to quickly pick up our dead fridge and old(ish) oven.

I didn’t need all of this right now! So I did what I thought was the reasonable thing to do in such situations… Complain to a couple of friends online.

It was now pretty clear to me that my dear fridge had been much more important to me than I thought, before it gave its last breath.

I was starting to find a silver lining to this sad event (like imagining having a huge bottom freezer), when I made a random trip to the kitchen again.

It’s aliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiive!

The scream probably made Chéri and Freja jump in the living room.

I stared at the fridge, listening to its lovely hum.

It was not dead anymore. Pfewwwwww!

Be honest, wouldn’t your fridge the appliance you’d miss the most if it just suddenly died? I know I don’t want to deal with a dead fridge anymore.

I love my fridge!

3 thoughts on “I love my fridge!

  1. I have to agree with you on this.
    I already took my stove/oven out and my new microwave has not been installed yet, but at least the old one still works. Living without a frig would be quite difficult.


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