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The joy is spreading…



I know, it is not Wednesday just yet.

But (alleged) serial killers don’t take breaks, just because we’re having the first shitstorm of the year. It was supposed to be a snowstorm, but we also got icy rain in the early morning, and then simple rain (but in its very close to icy form). Mother nature topped it with a side dish of strong winds…

So yeah, a shitstorm.

But I disgress.

Last Wednesday, you might know that I noticed some unexpected festive activity on the other side of the street.



Kind reminder… You’re welcome!


I did think that the diversion would push more of my (alleged) serial killer neighbours to mimick the cheery spirit. But never that quick.

They are wise.

Who calls the police on neighbours that dressed their balconies with lovely Christmas lights?? Especially when your own isn’t decorated in any way?

Oh… They are good.

And for some reason, I’m starting to think they are spying on my blog. And if I’m right, I have mixed feelings about it. It’d be nice of them, but then again, what would be the odds of them finding about The Cove?

Who knows?

I’ll go to bed with my two Japanese knives, just in case. If you don’t hear from me tomorrow, you’ll know what happened.

I don’t want to end this post. I fear I won’t be there when the sun rises again (around 10 AM, Eastern Time). But it is late…

I gotta go.

Farewell if this is my last post. We’ll see.

Just in case… I love you, Lovelies!


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