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What’s going on??



I was checking tomorrow’s weather this evening.

The reason why I do this every night is a mystery, since I am not planning to leave the apartment unless it catches on fire. And it won’t. Believe me. Untamed fire is not welcome in my home!

Nonetheless, I do keep myself informed.

When I saw the above, I was quite shocked. I had heard that we would have a nice wednesday, temperature-wise. But I wasn’t expecting to have to turn the air conditionning on to have a nice night of sleep.

Let me remind you that I live in Freezingland, and recently, the temperature has been flirting with the freezing point (0 Celsius degree), so imagining a 30+ Celsius degrees day on December first was, let’s face it, unexpected. (for those of you not familiar with Celsius degrees, that’s about 93 degrees Fahrenheit!!)

I considered the idea of calling in sick, to really make the most of my day. Unfortunately, my brains ruined it for me, by noticing that for some obscure reason, my otherwise trustworthy tablet had mysteriously switched my precious Celsius degrees to Fahrenheit ones.

Meaning that tomorrow, the thermometer shouldn’t get any higher than 1,111 Celsius degrees.


But it reminded me of something I noticed just yesterday.



On one of our 24/7 news channels, for maybe two or three seconds, the above showed up on our screen.

I jumped on the remote control and took a picture before sending a desperate message to a close friend in the UK (The Fabulous Trina, if you need to know) to enquire about Queen Elizabeth’s status. The Internets weren’t spreading the queen’s death, which is usually a good sign that said news aren’t true, because otherwise, it surely would have been the talk of the cyber town.

I have a feeling that a young intern, preparing the coverage of Queen Elizabeth’s death, has just pressed the wrong button, and released by mistake, a picture intended for the possibility that she would soon leave this world.

I must say… It is a pretty picture. I hope for him (or her) that she doesn’t make it over the 31 days of this month. Otherwise, He (she) will have to return to the drawing board.

I can’t say I am disappointed. I don’t wish for anyone’s death. But I wonder what it is about my newsfeeds that seem to be trying to confuse me with false breaking news…

I’m tired. Give me a break.



2 thoughts on “What’s going on??

  1. I doubt the person who wrote that will have a job after today. My mom and we sisters all have enormous respect fir the Queen. It will be a very sad day to see her passing. Meanwhile get out your bikini😂


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