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I thought I could give them a break…



And then, something happened.

Don’t get too excited, my neighbours have been incredibly non-entertaining as of lately. I don’t know what’s going on with them, and I was almost tempted to go knock on their door, to make sure they are ok. But I still have the will to live, so I turned to TikTok, and my urge to risk getting brutally murdered quickly subsided.

No, what did happen, is that last Sunday, I got a new cell phone. A co-worker and now good friend of mine had just changed hers for the latest Iphone (and yes, I’ll remain friends with her, even if she joined the dark side of the Force), and she had a Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ she wouldn’t use anymore.

She offered me to buy it for a ridiculous friendly price, and threw in an (awesome) office chair she didn’t need (because I recently had to bring back the one I had borrowed from my job).

On top of that, she insisted in delivering both items to my door, and we agreed to share a picnic in a park in my neighbourhood, to enjoy the first time we’d meet face to face since being sent home a year and a half ago (she had just started working with us, back then).

We had the most wonderful time, nibbling and sharing good giggles, and as we chatted, she configured my new phone, and I was good to go, when we gathered our leftovers, and walked back to my home, and her car.

It was a lovely time, but back to my new cell phone.

The main fonction I use on my phone is the camera, and judging by the pictures she had shared with me, I knew I was taking a huge step up. And I needed to use that to spy on my (alleged) serial killer neighbours. At first, I hid behind my green onions again (as you can see on the picture above). Then, I moved to the downstairs balcony to take the following picture…

Nothing interesting? I agree… But if you’ve been following the serial killer neighbours’ series, you’ll notice that (at least) the photos are much clearer.

Who knows what we’ll discover in the weeks to come??




4 thoughts on “I thought I could give them a break…

  1. I have about 10 large black garbage bags filled with dirt and grass roots lined up in my front yard. I’m glad my neighbors haven’t knocked on my door wondering… 😄😄😄


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