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Meet Uglycorn!



A couple of days ago, I shared a few words about my recent Tiktok addiction.

Shortly after publishing my post, I got an itch while watching my profile page on the app. My personal video section was empty, and that felt wrong. I had to have a video in there. 

At least one.

I certainly wasn’t going to film myself. I have only showed my face a couple of times in The Cove during the past five years, I wasn’t going to get into some self-shaming just for the sake of having a video online, no matter the gazillion tempting filters available.

I didn’t dare asking Freja (although I have a feeling I’ll trick her at some point, when she least expects it). 

Chéri told me that if he wanted to be on Tiktok, he would have his own account. Which I found quite rude (but that must be due to the fact that I spend a lot of time with Trina). If I couldn’t film neither myself, Freja nor Chéri, what was I going to post???

I decided to go for  a puppet. Because puppets are funny, versatile, and don’t get offended when people mock them online. The problem was that I didn’t own a puppet, and it felt wrong to consider making a video of my naked hand (although I had a feeling that a #Naked probably would have brought me many views).

I wanted an ugly puppet, in some underdog kind of way. A fancy one would be too expensive (especially, if I only made one video with it), and since I didn’t really know what I’d actually do with it, if it looked silly, half of the job would be done before hitting the ”record” button. 

After listening to me blabbering about how I could get a puppet for hours, Chéri’s guilt kicked in. After just a couple of clicks, he handed me his tablet (he is AwEsOmE at shopping online), and asked me Would this one please you?

As always, he didn’t disappoint me. It was a unicorn, hand made in Canada, and the fabric it was made of was made of recycled plastic bottles… Oh, and it was very silly looking (you can judge by yourself!).

I was very excited.

When the doorbell rang this afternoon, I ran downstairs to pick the envelope. I unwrapped my brand new puppet, grabbed my phone and went hiding in the room, giggling like a little girl. After much efforts – I now have much more respect for established Tiktokers – I published Uglycorn’s very first video. If you wish to, you can see it here.

Now, I have to find a mission for Uglycorn.

What message should it try to spread? Something humorous? Something to make people reflect on life? Random facts?


The Internets are really challenging me, and I want to be up to the task.

*Fingers crossed*


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