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Just thinking…



About a month ago, Little Bro introduced me to Tiktok.

I mean, I knew about the app… Ok, the name rang a bell to me. But I had never even Googled it. I just knew it was about people posting short videos, and especially during the worst part of the pandemic, the same people seemed to be challenging each other into making stupid ”do this silly dance” clips.

And I was not going to try dancing, and posting that online. (I’ve tried singing already, and I still can’t believe it)

But, I now had two good reasons to create an account. 1) To see what Lil Bro was up to (he did invite me), and 2) Because for some mysterious reason my nickname seems to be very unique, and I like to get my hands on ”Cyranny” in all these trendy applications. 

Anyway, I didn’t have to worry about spending too much time on Tiktok, as I could already guess that I wouldn’t understand it. Just like Pinterest and Twitter, I’d play on it a little, and then just get bored and move along…

I still wondered why Lil Bro had insisted that I would try Tiktok. Of course there were his (2) videos he wanted me to watch. But still… There seemed to be some mysterious reason, that made him persist.

Now I know.

Lil Bro got addicted to Tiktok, and he wanted to take me down with him.

Because the app is highly addictive. It is like catnip (more so like heroin – though I know scratch about the drug) for tired brains. It is the least mentally demanding form of intertainment. An endless stream of very very short silly videos that don’t require much thinking (if any at all). Some funny stuff, some moving stuff, and a lot of videos of people that make you wonder ”Why do you think you’re so dang special??”

 And the beauty about it, is that you don’t have to do any research at all. No choosing subjects or looking for specific hashtags, you just swipe up and down, and swipe and swipe…. And before you know it, you’ve spent half an hour watching talking cats and harajuku girls using manga eyes filters.

In short, I’d say that Tiktok is basically people with too much time on their hand, watching people with too much time on their hand.

But still, I like it. Mainly because I don’t even have to get it.

And if you want to help me get back at Lil Bro just check out the video that sent me down the rabbit hole, but don’t say where you found his video… He’ll just wonder why his clip is suddenly getting views. That should be funny, LOL 



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