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At the aquarium… – FFFC


Moooooooooom! I want to go see them!

She didn’t feel like it. As much as she loved her offspring, she sometimes wished she could let him go by himself, and enjoy time by herself. She felt selfish thinking just that. The little one would grow up and get independant quicker than she’d want it.


The place was crowded, as usual. The uncessant flashing of the cameras was beyond annoying.

We can see them from here, son!

He obviously thought otherwise, and she sensed that she was about to be served a good temper tantrum.

Nooooooooo! I can barely see them… We’ve got to get closer to the window!

She could recall when she too enjoyed the closeness with the odd creatures. Staring at the different species through the glass wall, she had bazillion questions for her late mother… Were they intelligent? Did they have any means of communication too?

She probably should have felt lucky the little one was so curious. He learnt fast, and was hungry for knowledge. A bright little guy, indeed.

Okie, buddy… But just for a little while, it’s almost time to eat!

Side by side, the two bull sharks swam toward the human crowd,

Via Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge

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