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A DK playlist, just for you…


It’s Saturday evening, and even if we still are under a 9h30 PM curfew, that doesn’t mean that I can’t put a couple of quarters in my jukebox, play a couple of songs, and invite you to wiggle a little.

I have an all Danish program for you tonight, because… Well, do I really need a reason?

Actually, the thing is that since 2016, May is the time of the year I miss Denmark the most. I spend May of 2016 there, in 2017 I visited Vikingland in February and September, I skipped a turn in 2018, went again in May of 2019 and then happened this little thing we call covid-19. So, for a couple of weeks, the good memories have been almost haunting, and today, a good part of my afternoon was spent on YouTube, listening to my favorite Danish bands and singers…

Might aswell share a couple of tunes with you all, to give you a little sample of what I really really like.

From the soundtrack of the movie Druk. Scarlet Pleasure is a recent discovery for me, and I like their 80’s pop inspirations. I’m still exploring their very special universe, and I like what I heard so far. What a life remains my favorite though, because I can see Mads Mikkelsen dancing to it in the back of my mind when it is playing… *Sigh*

Nik og Jay (Nik & Jay) was one of the very first Danish bands I was introduced to, about five years ago. I recognize that I am slightly older than their usual fans, and I don’t like some of their songs that can be a bit on the vulgar side, but the two rappers have definately taken their share of place in my (no to successful to this day) learning of Danish. Oh, and Mod solnedgangen means ”Towards the sunset”. That, I know 😉

Mew doesn’t really need an introduction, but you might be new to The Cove, so I’ll introduce them anyway… The band was created in 1995, but I started listening to their music arround 2010. They are the ones to blame for my bad case of danophilia. Shoulders is one of their last album’s songs, and I could play it on a loop for hours, close my eyes and just enjoy the harmonies…

Ohhh Medina… I was introduced to her music by the same friend who told me about Nik og Jay. I really like what she does, and the last time I was in Denmark, this song had just come out. In Copenhagen, many of the city busses bore ads stating ”Jeg Fucking Eslker Dig!” (I fuckin’ love you)… I’m not sure that could happen here in Canada. LOL

Unlike pretty much all my other picks, you actually might already know Lukas Graham, as some of his song had quite a lot of success around the world. Lukas was raised in a very special neighbourhood of Copenhagen, Christiania. In 1971, hippies and unemployed danes started squatting abandonned military warehouses. Soon, the micro-society got really well organized, and established their own rules. Christiania is a city in the city, and one very special place to visit.

Last but not least…  Yes, a reggae song in Danish! Because, why not?? Don’t get fooled by Shaka Loveless upbeat singing, this is a very sad song. And although the pacing is quite fast, I think it is the Danish song I can sing along the best (out of tune, but still). I am sorry for the people who had to listen to my singing (aka Chéri), but I just like it.

I hope you’ll enjoy at least one of the above…

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