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Cyranny’s quickie!



What’s the best / worst practical joke that you’ve played on someone or that was played on you?


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14 thoughts on “Cyranny’s quickie!

  1. Once when Kate was about 9, we were going to a place called Deer Ridge Farm where they made salvaged furniture. She was all grumbly and when she said, “Why are we going there anyway?”, I said, “We’re going to get a deer for the backyard.” She said, “Really?!!” and when I had to say No, she started to cry. I’ve never felt so shitty. I’m not really a good practical joker, as you can tell:-)

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    1. Awwwww… Poor Kate, and poor you 😉 I think we can say that that joke backfired. I wouldn’t say you’re a bad practical joker, you just had a bad experience at it 😉 xx

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  2. There is one practical joke that I have wanted to do forever but also know that I would be required to get a lot of people on board at work with management’s ok before I went ahead and did this.
    We have a cardboard crusher at work.
    I want to get like a foot and hand from a mannequin and put in the baler.
    pile boxes on top.
    Have a bladder of fake blood hooked inside.
    And a scream recording.
    Also require someone to video for posterity.
    Someone would eventually come along and have to crush boxes.
    Throws in and hits button.
    Turns to walk away.
    As the screams start and the fake blood explodes and the foot and hand slowly appear.

    I would be fired after this but omg I would be on the floor rolling I would be laughing so hard.
    Bet you never thought I was this scarring.

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    1. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL who is your manager? I need to get in touch with them! This IS a bit gore, but OMG would it be funny. I, for one, would love to see that video. It would be hilarious, even if I would feel for the poor employee who hit the button 😛 Excellent prank, Jay-lyn, even if you didn’t do it… yet 😛


  3. I think I’ve ‘talked’ about this before, but once myself and my brother and his girlfriend all conspired to pull a prank on a co-worker (we all worked with her) when we all worked at an answering service back in the day (this was before automated phone messaging and all that was available. Someone had to actually answer the phones at night at businesses and so forth. We were it. The answering service had two locations, I worked one and my co-worker the other. Anyway.

    My co-worker answered phones for an ultra-conservative TV station. We were working the night shift (11 pm to 7 a.m.). My brother and I and his friend took turns calling co-worker up and telling her (in fake voices) that there was porn running on that TV station. She got so freaked that she actually called the General Manager of the TV station to report that they were getting porn on their nice family TV station. There was a helluva fuss. We were never caught and my co-worker never suspected. Good thing. I think the three of us pranksters would have been fired. But dang it was funny.

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    1. LOOOOOL That reminds me of the best prank I participated in… Back then I worked as an ambulance dispatcher. The paramedics’ graveyard shift supervisor was known not to lock the door, when he left the ambulance station…

      So one evening, some the paramedics called me to say that they were hiding pretty much everything in the station on the building’s rooftop. They warned me that the supervisor would call dispatch to report the robbery. They asked that I’d explain the situation to the police, so that they would send someone to ”investigate”, just to keep the prank going, and the supervisor’s worries buid up longer.

      I did a brilliant job at convincing the police to cooperate (it was a really quiet night, we never would have put the population at risk for a prank) and they sent their top investigator on site.

      When the supervisor finally learnt that it was just a joke, he was absolutely furious, and swore to get back at me. Fortunately, his co-workers were nice enough not to help him get his revenge LOL


      1. I think that’s hilarious! It was an object lesson rolled up in a prank…and some people just have no sense of humor! I bet he was more careful to lock up after that though! HAHHAH!!


  4. I have had more successful ones played on me than what I been able to pull off. I would say the best one pulled off on me was when I lived with a group of young adults. We had all recently graduated. Jokes happened all the time!
    I flew back home for a week and came back to no bed in my bedroom! I thought how on earth did they hide my bed?? I came home at night. Got up the next morning,after sleeping on the couch and walked outside. Looked up at our big Oak tree. It had grown a bed!! Yes, I could have slept with the birds, high in the branches! The joke was partially on them too for it was a lot of work getting it up there and back down! LOL!

    Ahh! A best prank that I pulled off for years on different people was my chocolate covered cottonballs! People thought my homemade chocolate marshmallow candy looked good until they tried chewing! 😂

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    1. WOW! These people went to a LOT of trouble to prank you… I admire that.

      Your chocolate cottonballs remind me of a prank my grand-mother has done to pretty much all her grand-children… On one of our birthdays, she would put very lovely icing on a balloon. And then ask us to cut the ”cake”. You can imagine our surprise, when it blew up in our face.

      Shout out to her, she always did this in her house, and obviously had to clean the mess… I guess the giggles were well worth it for her, bless her soul 🙂

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  5. We “Penny-ed” about six guys into a dorm room. Most people don’t know how to penny a door. It is possible to lock someone in a room when the door opens into the room. You just take 3 pennys in a stack and push on the door hard about two feet above the door knob and a crack will usually open between the door and the door jam. You then take the 3 pennys and slide them down as far as possible toward the door knob and then release the pressure on the door. The door will not open unless the pennys are removed by reversing the process. The guys were locked in there room until the Dean came up and helped remove the pennys.

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