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Cyranny’s quickie!



Do you think that stricter laws enable having a more peaceful society, or does it lead to people committing more crimes?



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6 thoughts on “Cyranny’s quickie!

  1. Goodness…all these laws we have our evidence of how far off we are from fundamental principles. From an earliest age, we all ought to be trained, educated in these fundamental truths.

    Laws and rules are based on timeless principles. Whereas principles are generally permanent, eternal, rules are timely, for a specific period or reason. Some people would never get near to breaking certain rules or laws because they grasp the principle and they treasure it. It governs their thinking and keeps their conscience working accurately.

    For example – consider the principle – LIFE IS PRECIOUS.
    How many laws are built on that one principle? Not just laws around murder, but all the health and safety laws we live under – traffic laws, regulations in construction, mandates on health matters – they are all there because of the fundamental truth – LIFE IS PRECIOUS.

    Sadly so many people don’t seem to grasp that truth – they take risks when driving, they engage in harmful, reckless behaviour, they put profit before safety. Therefore, the justice system has to bring in stiff penalties to emphasize the importance of those laws.

    Today…there are so many people who have not been taught to love fundamental truths and eternal principles. If they grasped and respected those principles, we would not need so many laws. But with each year, someone does something even more shocking and unthinkable than we have seen before – so another law is made, another judicial penalty is added to emphasize the seriousness of the incident.

    Sadly, a way of life has developed shaped around satisfying material wants and fleshly desires, which has distorted views. I was watching something bizarre the other day. They interviewed a bunch of people about what changes they would be willing to make in order to help prevent worsening climate conditions. At the start they asked them if they were worried about climate change – they all said yes. But then they asked them a bunch of questions about whether they would be willing to give up certain things, and almost all of them said no. It seemed rather scary to me that they were not willing to grasp that our personal behaviours have a consequence. They were more worried about their own freedoms and rights to carry on the way of life they enjoy. They did not want to change. I was shocked by their comments. They did not think it was fair to expect them to change anything.

    Fast-forward fifty years – will authorities feel they have no choice but shape the behaviors of society with laws and penalties in order to try to avoid more severe climate related disasters and to preserve life? Who knows? Big can of worms there.

    I think this is quite a difficult time in human history because whereas in the past, people steadfastly stood firm for freedoms of conscience in matters like non-violent civilian service based on admirable principles, nowadays people are arguing for their freedoms do things that pollute the atmosphere, and wish to have no restrictions on their pleasures and desires. It is a time when law is becoming murkier.

    I saw an interesting parliamentary discussion where MPs asked the Prime Minister here in the UK about some of the horrendous crimes carried out on women this past year. Several specifically mentioned the nature of online content that some of these perpetrators were watching regularly before going out to commit these vile crimes. They saw the need and they asked the PM about stricter regulation of online content, and banning degraded content that features violence towards women. The PM said of course we need to look at banning that content. But there are people out there who will fight for the freedom to produce and to watch that content. It is mind-boggling. I just feel those who want to watch this kind of material are so far off from fundamental principles and truths. It is alarming how far off they are. I don’t think there should be laws to protect the freedom to watch degrading violence. I cannot understand how it can be legal to watch violent sexual assaults and gruesome murders. I really really don’t. It grieves me deeply.

    There are people who see real freedom in wise laws based on timeless principles. There are others who feel any infringement on the lifestyle the wish to lead is a violation of their right and freedoms. For me personally – I love the wisdom and love woven in many laws. They holds us back from harming ourselves, and others, and our beautiful planet. They help us lead a happier and safer life.

    Naturally, I look forward to a future with much wiser law-makers. But I am glad we have some very wise law-makers and judges now who bring much needed stability in a world where too many people are not educated to love what is right and good and kind.

    The more people grasp and love fundamental principles the less laws will be needed – because it would be unthinkable to go anywhere near something that was clearly wrong.


  2. People will do what they do regardless of law, more laws would mean more crime becasue there would be more laws to break. People that generally act in a socially ethical way won’t need a law to tell them how to behave.


  3. Stricter laws lead to more crime. The more laws, the more laws to break. And eventually, people start confusing the law with ways to enforce morality, which is… erm…. Nonsense (sorry, original word not rated PG😉). Everyone’s morality is. Asked on their own definition of right and wrong (informed my personal choice and culture and religion). That has no place in the law. The law is designed to reflect the population and keep them safe. Confusing the two can lead to marginalization and even more crime.


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