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New delivery…


Days like these are the best… Snuggling in my favorite blanket, and watching the white stuff fall down, knowing that I won’t have to go out.

If any of you are still interested in getting some of our snow, just let me know. This one is nice and sticky. Perfect for snowman making, fort building and snowball battles! I’m taking orders.

First come, first served!

11 thoughts on “New delivery…

  1. can I pass? I still don’t have water service in the house..almost all the pipes have been replaced, the shower is half put together, and the main is almost connected. figure two days for it all to be done if the guys actually show up before 2 pm tomorrow…sigh

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    1. It is now 2 pm tomorrow, I hope the guys are at your place by now! Wow, it looks like you have a lot going on, did you have to change all the piping because of the freezing temperature? I really hope all of this gets fixed really really soon! *Big hugs* xx

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      1. every single piece of pipe was replaced! good grief. BUT, I now have water to the kitchen and laundry room so am happily turning my hands into prunes and getting clean clothes again! Another hour and the bathroom will be finished as well! YEA ME!


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