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Do YouTube?


I have a YouTube account, but I don’t by any means consider myself a Youtuber.

At all.

For one thing, I don’t my face to be all over The Internets. Not interested the least bit, and I highly doubt anyone would follow such a silly Youtube channel anyway.

But I do use my account to put short videos online, just so I can link them to The Cove afterwards, without having to used my precious 13 GB. I have fifty two videos, so far… Memories from my past trips to Denmark (Ohhhh Denmark *sigh*), New York, Paris and Australia. Some things I filmed here in Québec.

I rarely check out my views, because, most of my videos don’t have more than ten. But when I uploaded this morning’s snowy scenery, I couldn’t help but notice that a couple of my entries had had a little success online.

So I decided to share my (so far) top 5, most viewed videos, because hey! Why should I keep this mind-blowing success to myself, right? Get ready to be flabbergasted! (Or not… Most probably not. Mouahahahaha)

Fifth position…

With 74 views, this screaming squirrel found an audience when it decided to wake me up in the morning, one day. I’m pretty sure there was a cat in our backstreet, stressing up Bob. The result was the same… The squirrel kept screaming, I couldn’t go back to bed, and ended up blogging about the annoyance. Well done, Bob!

Fourth position…

When covid-19 hit last spring,  and we went into lockdown, all of Montréal’s Catholic churches decided to ring their bells every Sunday at noon for 10 minutes, as a sign of solidarity. Here’s the first time it happened. I have a feeling that the 108 views are due to the ”Covid-19” mention in the title. Still…

Third position…

Here in Montréal, hockey (yeah, yeah yeah… ”ice hockey”. But really, if there’s no ice, there’s no hockey!) is almost a religion. Attending a game at the Bell Center is quite an experience… Well it was, back when we could do it. Maybe being denied the right to go to an arena made people nostalgic, and that would explain why 539 people checked out my game opening short video. Thank you, Canadiens’ fans!

Second place…

I had the chance to visit Notre-Dame de Paris just 6 months before it burnt down. I’d like to think that my video was exceptional, but it definately wasn’t worth 606 views… Still, if you’ve never had the chance to take a walk inside the iconic cathedral, here’s your chance to see what it looked like before the devastating fire.

First place!!

Drumroll please!… Because, quite honestly, I never thought I would ever see ”1k”  as the number of views for anything I would post on YouTube. 1052 views, for Notre-Dame de Paris’ bells ringing. Again, I have to thank people for their nostalgia. I feel a little guilty, being so excited when my ”success” can be explained by a terrible disaster.

Personally, I think that I have much more awesome videos available. I might do my own top five. If anyone is interested, of course. I wouldn’t blame you if you didn’t care to know. LOL

12 thoughts on “Do YouTube?

  1. the squirrel made me laugh, then I felt sorry for the lil guy up there screaming away. My cats loved the ice hockey…go Capitols! but Notre Dame was just glorious. Thanks for letting me see, and hear, it. That’s the closest I shall ever come to experiencing France.

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    1. You really shouldn’t feel sorry for Bob. At first I thought he screamed like that out of distress, but apparently we just have very loud squirrels around here. Or maybe some of them are deaf LOL And you are very welcome for Paris… I can’t wait to be able to travel again to bring back new memories 🙂

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    1. Is it called MyDangChannel? If not, you should definately rename it right away! The thousand views video made me wonder if I could make any money out of this for a couple of minutes… Chéri looked into it, and it seems like I am about 987 followers short, and even if I magically had a 1000 followers overnight, that video would be worth about 1,54$ So I guess I’ll just keep enjoying posting random stuff on The Internets 😉 And I’ll probably list my own top 5 sometime this week.

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