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Kickin’ covers…


Hey there, Lovelies,

As you might have read in my latest Cyranny’s jukebox post, I came across a long series of very popular song covers, that Damien Robitaille, a French Canadian professional singer, has been posting online since the beginning of the pandemic (you can find him on Instagram @damienrobitaille).

The guy is talented, and that’s an understatement. And when covid-19’s first wave sent us all into lockdown, Damien decided to set an improvised studio in his kitchen and record his version of big hits (aswell as a couple of songs of his own) to entertain his fans.

I admit it took one of his songs going viral (thank you Jennifer Garner!) for me to notice the many many videos online (more than 150), and I decided to repost my favorite covers, every other day,  to (hopefully) put a smile on your face just as it put one one mine.

This one’s for all the Queen’s fans among you. A little less flamboyant than Freddy Mercury, but a nice reminder of the band that gave us Bohemian Rhapsody. Definately a good reason to stand up and dance in your livingroom.

I hope you’ll enjoy it too.

4 thoughts on “Kickin’ covers…

    1. I just love Damien… He is so versatile. I won’t go as far as to say that I’m glad that covid hit us, since it was the reason he started recording these videos… But he sure helps keep a smile on my face on an almost daily basis 😉

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