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No!! – FFFC


The bells rang as she opened the laundromat’s door.

Holding two black coffees, and a bag of donut holes, she walked straight to him. She had planned a longer walk around the neighbourhood (It was his turn taking care of their laundry, after all, and he didn’t hesitate disappearing for a couple of hours, when she was on duty), but she just had to tell him the news.


She sat next to him, nervously giggling, tickling his curiosity.

Hey! You’re back early… Is everything ok, Hun?

She looked around. She didn’t wan’t anyone else to hear what she had to say. But at this time of the day, there was always a number of people waiting for their clothes, on a Sunday. So she leaned to his ear and whispered.

This is our last time here!

He looked puzzled. She lowered her voice even more and explained herself.

Remember the bazillion times you mocked me for replaying my lucky numbers week after week? He nodded, suddenly really interested in what she was saying. Well… While I was waiting for my order at the coffee shop, I scrolled through the news on my phone. And I checked the results for last night’s draw…

He joined her in the ”OMG” zone.

Are you sure??

She nodded and quickly looked left and right. And behind and under the chairs where they sat.

Where’s my jacket, Honey?

He suddenly looked like a puppy caught after chewing on half of the household’s shoes during the night. He pointed at the dryer.

I thought you had left it here so I would wash it… I threw it in with our clothes. 

Her shriek made all the other customers jump. All but the guy in the corner with the huge headset.

She ran to the dryer…

Via Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge

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