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Tweet or twit?


I don’t Tweet.

I’ve tried, and it took me forever to understand Twitter. When I finally started to get it, I gave up. Because it is too fast for me. It felt like getting bombed with news, comments and thoughts. I might be able to catch the right pace but it would mean giving up other social media platforms to manage to sleep a couple of hours per night, and I am not leaving WordPress and Instagram for Twitter’s constant flooding.

Thanks, but no thanks!

Chéri, seems to be a master at Tweeting. I don’t think he posts much anything, but he sounds like a massive follower of a large number of people, and he enjoys commenting on wellknown artists or personalities thoughts. He regularly gets comments back, or at least a ”like”, and I can always turn to him to get the latest news (although I don’t completely trust Twitter’s scoops, for some reason).

Today’s big news didn’t come as a surprise.

Québec’s Prime Minister announced that the government had finally decided to cancel any holiday partying, outside our home bubbles. A good decision, in my opinion. Covid-19 is not going to rest on Christmas Eve, just to cut us some slack.

But back to Twitter.

When we were told that we’d be having a Skypy Christmas and a Zoomy New Year’s Eve, the subject inspired an explosion of thoughts. And Chéri commented on that of a famous comedian, here in Québec.

I wonder if the government will pay me back for the huge turkey I bought for the family gathering that won’t be happening now…

It wasn’t his funniest comment, ever, but I thought it deserved a giggle or two, given how Mr. Trudeau has been giving out money since the beginning of the pandemic.

The response he got, though, really made me laugh out loud. A lady quickly replied, with a most serious tone…

Certainly not! The government had made it clear that the holiday permissions depended of how the number of cases would turn out. You should have thought twice before buying that turkey.

Chéri was tempted to remind the lady that he was commenting on an humorous post, therefore joking himself. I didn’t let him… I just thought it was funny as it was.

And we need all the fun we can get these days, don’t we?

2 thoughts on “Tweet or twit?

  1. That knee jerk emotional reaction is so prevalent on social media. Some folks seem to have lost any sense of humour. They interpret things that are meant to be funny as deadly serious. I suppose we all react differently. I had a chuckle so thanks for that. I only occasionally look at Twitter. I rather like the blogger community being free of such hypervigilant reactions.


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