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The wall…

This fall, a new tv series is coming here in Québec, that I am really looking forwards to watching.

La faille (The breach), seems to be about a serial killer spree and the police investigation going on in a wellknown (though definately not touristic) town called Fermont.

I think that most Quebecers know about Fermont but very little can say they’ve been there. There are many good reasons for that… For one thing, it is way up North of the province, where Freezingland gets its true meaning. It is, still to this day, pretty difficult to get there, and if you do, there’s not much to do if you don’t like hiking, fishing and/or hunting.

But it is a very special place.

The (very) small city was founded in 1974 to bring workers to the iron mine close by. But the Northern winds were a major obstacle to make people’s lives enjoyable, so something very unique was built to make it possible.

We call it ”The wall”.

The wall is a 1,3 kilometers long, and 25 meters high, V-shaped building meant to protect the town from the strong winds. Inside ”The Wall”, you can find a grocery store, drugstore, restaurant, bar, elementary and highschool, an arena, an amphitheater for shows, a cinema, an ice rink, a swimming pool, a bowling alley, and no less that 344 appartments.

You’re having trouble picturing that? I can’t blame you… But I’m always here for you. So here it is:



You’re very welcome!

People who have an apartment in The Wall, and work in it basically don’t have any reason to go outside. Unless they enjoy frostbites, that is. 

Why oh why are you focusing on that remote place, you might be wondering… I get it.

The reason is simple. I lived there as a kid. My parents first got an apartment in The Wall, and then we moved into one of the few (the picture above must be pretty recent, because there weren’t as many homes back when we moved in) homes in The Wall’s shade.

Personally, I have no bad memory of Fermont. But I admire my parents for taking Little Bro and I there. We were quite young (I was in kindergarten, and Little Bro is 2 and a half years younger than I am), and my most memorable memory is a picture Mom took of me. She had filled our inflated kid pool with warm water, and I was standing beside it in my bathing suit and winter boots because the ground was still frozen.

I also remember when Little Bro stuck his thongue to a frozen pole… But that’s another story. 

Anyway, I can’t wait to watch the show. And if you don’t mind our Frog’s language, here the trailer;


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