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Here in Montréal, the Olympic Stadium is one of, if not the most iconic building. 

Built for the 1976 summer olympic games, its story has always been wrapped in controversy. First of all because of the astronomical amount of money that has been spent to build it, and then keep it standing.

The general opinion is very devided, when it comes to the stadium’s look. A lot of Montrealers dislike the UFO-looking building. 

I disagree. 

I think that the whole olympic park is very interesting, architecture-wise. Yesterday, I visited the Biodôme, an indoor zoo built in the 1976 velodrome. I was with Chéri, my little brother and his boyfriend. All of whom aren’t really patient when it comes to my picture taking, so I only took a couple, but I thought I’d share them with you…










I should go back to let myself loose for a couple of hours, but now that we have upgraded to the orange level (pre-alert), it might take a couple of months… Don’t hold your breath! Mouahahhahahaha

Night night from Montréal!




8 thoughts on “Iconic…

    1. I really like the odd architecture… and given the money that was put into it so far, I can’t imagine the city ever destroying it. I googled Cardiff’s Millennium Stadium too… It might not be as pretty, but it wasn’t built to host Olympic games 😉

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