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Mystery encounter… – FFFC




I’ll always remember that evening.

It was late, very late at night… An so very foggy, even for that time of the year. The street lights were casting cotton candy like halos on the road, and my gaze danced from one to the next as if I had not ridden there hundreds of times before.

Had it been a Friday, or Saturday night, I probably wouldn’t have noticed you. At this late hour, there would have been many young drivers, racing their pimped Honda Civics from party to party.

But it was a Tuesday evening, and the towns on both ends of the road were long asleep. Just my luck, wouldn’t you agree?

When I spotted your blurry silhouette, I had to look twice, not quite sure my brain wasn’t playing games with me. But there you stood, in the middle of the road, ghostly presence right on my path.

Prior to that moment, I can’t say that I believed in fate. To me, life was just an endless series of right and wrong choices, and come to think about it, maybe that’s all there is to it. Still, for some reason, staring at your mysterious shadow, wrapped in fog-lace, I suddenly felt the bitter-sweet taste of destiny on my tongue.

Your fantom-like figure hypnotized me… Hey there, handsome! Are you looking for a ride? I thought to myself. The closer I got to you, and the more I felt like a moth attracted by light.

Suddenly you turned around, probably surprised by my pickup truck’s lights. We finally make eye contact, and it was quite magical… Brief but oh! So magical. I must say, you were quite good looking…

I should have breaked, I know that now.

And if I hadn’t spent my evening drinking, I would have called 911.




Via Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge

6 thoughts on “Mystery encounter… – FFFC

  1. Oooohh…great ending! Change the stories direction in the last two lines. Cool idea. Haven’t heard a story with that type of ending since 8th grade. In that one it was the last two words.


  2. That was an amazingly told story. I didn’t even need to see the photo because your words painted such a vivid picture. And the ending! I wasn’t expecting that at all. Great job.


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